Travel Cases for everyone

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  • Nomad Series

    Crush-proof, watertight, airtight, dust-proof, and chemical/corrosion resistant design is perfect for photographers/video-graphers, divers, fishermen, multi-rotor enthusiasts, hunters and gun collectors, or anyone else that wants to protect their valuable gear. The case shells are built of glass fibre reinforced polypropylene making it nearly impervious to hits and falls or even the unlikely incident of being run over by a truck. The Nomad series features a manual purge valve for equalisation after changes in atmospheric pressure while traveling. Dual heavy duty latches provide a secure and airtight seal against the Nomad’s IP67 Certified internal gasket. Built in wheels and a heavy-duty retractable extension handle allow for easy rolling of the case. A rugged folding rubberised haul handle makes carrying heavy loads in the case comfortable.

  • Survivor

    The Survivor is a practical waterproof backup battery that measures 4.52 x 3.46 x 1.14 inches. The 7800mAh backup battery features a tough, rugged design, and comes with a shockproof, dust-proof, and waterproof casing that make it meet IP67 water-resistant standard. This means it can protect internal components and backup battery from various damages and make the charger withstand total submersion in up to 3 feet of water for 30 mins. *Charge your GoPro, MP3, MP4, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Cellphone, Camera, Mini-USB electronics and more

  • Drybag

    The Defender 35 liter capacity dry-bag was developed after consulting with hundreds of travelers including surfers, snowboarders, divers, fishermen, boaters, and general travelers. It contains all of the features that you wanted most. Completely waterproof and made from durable 500D Tarpaulin Material, The Defender is the perfect companion for adventures where your gear needs to stay dry. The Defender features a watertight dual-strip roll-down top, a windowed front panel so you can see whats in your bag and where without digging through it, a purge valve to remove excess air from the bag when sealed, 2 adjustable and removable backpack straps, and a convenient and robust side mounted carrying handle.

  • Santa Monica Surf Case

    These cases have been tried and tested since 1987 and the design has been modified a few times. These are hands down the best cases and we know our cases. The adventure case was good but this is unbreakable.


Salty Surf Housings

Bennys Board Room

Benny's Boardroom

Santa Monica Surf Case


Travel Cases for everyone


How do i get a custom fit arranged?

At Nautilus we partner with a few companies that we supply to. We talk to you about your equipment to work out what you need to go in it to make sure you get the right case. We have some base models but can order a range of different cases to suit your gear. We then work out with you your equipment and provide a dxf 2d file of the layout inside your case to our partner.

What is the process?

Once the internal layout is completed we get a 3d image back and then put the internals into production. This usually takes a week turnaround.

How do i get my case?

We wait for the internal case to arrive and then we ship to where ever you are. Australia wide or internationally.

Buy Defender 35L Dry Bag with built in purge valve